Welcome To SubXtra

At SubXtra, we offer you the most budget-friendly and cost-effective choices for data bundles, utility bill payments, and effortless virtual airtime-topup services, offering the fastest, most trusted, and most reliable with or without internet,using USSD for swift transaction


Our transaction processes are fully automated, ensuring nearly instant order completion ,airtime top-ups, data purchases, and seamless customer service experience.

24/7 Support

Our customers hold a premium position in our priorities, making their satisfaction our utmost concern. Our customer service is readily available with just a simple click.


Our e-wallet provides the utmost security, convenience, and speed for all your transactions with us. Rest assured, your funds are protected by cutting-edge technology.


SubXtra is a fully optimized platform built for reliability and dependability. When you conduct transactions with us, you can expect to receive 100% value for every transaction.

About Us

SUBXTRA is a dynamic technology firm dedicated to serving a growing clientele with an extensive array of transmission services encompassing diverse categories. These services include data services, cable subscriptions, electric bill payments, Airtime (VTU), Data Bundles , and many more.


Service We Offer

Virtual Airtime Top-Up

 Simplify your mobile experience and make airtime top-ups a breeze? Join countless satisfied users who have made the smart choice with our Virtual Airtime Top-Up Service.

Data Plans and Prices


  • 50.0MB ₦30.0 | Monthly
  • 150.0MB ₦75.0 | Monthly
  • 250.0MB ₦85.0 | Monthly
  • 500.0MB ₦111.0 | Monthly
  • 500.0MB ₦115.0 | Monthly
  • 500.0MB ₦120.0 | Monthly
  • 1.0GB ₦210.0 | Monthly
  • 1.0GB ₦220.0 | Monthly
  • 1.5GB ₦310.0 | Monthly
  • NB:Bigger package at very low price


  • 100.0MB ₦50.0 | Monthly
  • 300.0MB ₦100.0 | Monthly
  • 500.0MB ₦125.0 | Monthly
  • 1.0GB ₦250.0 | Monthly
  • 2.0GB ₦500.0 | Monthly
  • 5.0GB ₦1250.0 | Monthly
  • 10.0GB ₦2500.0 | Monthly
  • 15.0GB ₦3750.0 | Monthly
  • 20.0GB ₦5000.0 | Monthly


  • 500.0MB ₦100.0 | Monthly
  • 1.0GB ₦200.0 | Monthly
  • 2.0GB ₦500.0 | Monthly
  • 3.0GB ₦600.0 | Monthly
  • 4.5GB ₦900.0 | Monthly
  • 5.0GB ₦1000.0 | Monthly
  • 11.0GB ₦2200.0 | Monthly


  • 200.0MB ₦80.0 | Monthly
  • 500.0MB ₦125.0 | Monthly
  • 1.0GB ₦250.0 | Monthly
  • 2.0GB ₦500.0 | Monthly
  • 3.0GB ₦750.0 | Monthly
  • 5.0GB ₦1250.0 | Monthly
  • 10.0GB ₦2500.0 | Monthly

Why You Should Work With Us!

Enhanced Privacy and Security

In a connected world, protecting your information is crucial. Our system is built on protecting and secure each user information, safeguarding sensitive transactions. Order for peace of mind.

Global Accessibility and Convenience

In today’s global marketplace, our Virtual Top-Up service offers worldwide mobile recharge convenience, without the need for physical cards or local stores. Whether you travel, manage international teams, or seek easy mobile top-ups, we provide global accessibility and ease.

Cost Savings and Flexibility

Traditional plans are costly and inflexible. Our Virtual service and Top-Up offer affordable alternatives and most cheapest offer in the telcommunication industry, to ease the impact of affected economy on anyone